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Roots speak the truth

Enjoy Delicious And Healthy Food. (2)

At Metafresh, We Procure Best Quality Hydroponic and Aquaponically  Grown Crops From Our Partner Farms And Supply It To Businesses.

100% Pesticide free

Direct from farmers

(Fresh and Clean)

Purely grown in Hydro or Aquaponics method

harvested and delivered within 12 hours

Consistent Pricing & Supply

Current Problems and How We Are Tackling Them

Current Problems And How We Are Tackling Them.


  • With the increase in number of Hydroponic farmers, there’s a stagnation in production of certain crops resulting in poor price for produce and unstable market for hydroponically grown crops.
  •  Farmers are facing an issue in finding a specialized market to sell their hydroponically grown produce by differentiating it with other conventionally grown crops.
  •  On the other hand, customers are facing difficulty in finding a genuine and credible hydroponically grown produce which are clean, fresh and with zero pesticides.


  •  We partner with hydroponic farmers, monitor and assist them in complete production process through our farm management software to ensure the quality and authenticity of the hydroponically grown produce.
  •  Fresh and clean hydroponically grown crops will then be procured by METAFRESH from our partner farms while tracking farm activities from seed to harvest ensuring the transparency and credibility of the hydroponically grown produce.
  •  With this we make sure there is a right market fit for hydroponically grown crops, while also checking that farmers get maximum share in consumer rupee.

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