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Think different think hydroponics

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to grow veggies for your kitchen? Concerned about the hygiene level of fruits and vegetables you buy from the market?  Wouldn’t you like your salad better if it were made from the vegetables you grew?

Well, the “solution” to your concerns is Hydroponics- the method of growing plants in a nutrient solution, as a substitute to soil. It might sound uncanny and implausible if you are unfamiliar with the practice, but it may be the cutting edge in agriculture and the key to sustainability in the coming days.

Wouldn’t you be impressed if I say that with hydroponics, plants can grow faster, larger and healthier than with the regular procedure? A wide range of veggies- cabbage, cucumber, tomato, lettuce, pepper- can be raised in this method.

Also, using artificial light, plants can grow irrespective of their conventional season and duration. The approach utilises nutrient-rich water to feed the plants omitting the hassle of the regular procedure. It’s also a perfect opportunity for you to become “the” urban farmer!


Although we cannot forgo the traditional method of growing in soil, hydroponics may offer a more sustainable option for the farmers and open doors for better income and uplift their productivity.

In the times of the pandemic that we have experienced, it seems only fit that we take our safety into our own hands. At the same time, our planet is going through an unpleasant climate change and one way to curb it is through sustainability. By using fewer resources, like water, fertilizer, or pesticides, less harmful pollutants are released into the atmosphere, or, even worse, into the ground. As such, hydroponics is an eco friendly alternative.


We here at Beegle Agritech, are doing much the same. Vertical farming is the new farming. In addition to this, through the Integrated Circular Pyramid farming (ICPF), we try reducing farm waste to a minimum resulting in a circular system of efficient resource utilization.

Sustainability at its best, productivity at the crest.



Think different, think hydroponics!

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