Microponics Farming Workshop

Learn the art of raising plant's, Fishes and Hens in Hydroponics

It is time to make farming more profitable

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45 Minutes Each session followed by Q&A

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Topics Covered

Day 1: Introduction to ICPF

Day - 1: Introduction

Kickstarting online ICPF training class with an introduction to the science and principles of Microponics, Hydroponics, and Aquaponics farming.
Introduction to various types of systems
Crops that can be grown and how to choose the best method for the crop that you wish to grow in your region.

Day - 2: Technical Session

Day - 2: Technical Session

Learn about all the technical aspects of the farm, pH, TDS, Nutrient management, Temperature, humidity, and all other scientific parameters of Microphonics farming.

Day-3: Components and Farm Setup

Day-3: Components and Farm Setup

Do it yourself (DIY) of ICPF
Now since you are strong with basics, it’s time to begin your own ICPF farm and start raising Hens, Fishes, and Plants together in an integrated Hydroponics system.
On day three you will be learning about various components and systems of the farm followed by details for its construction on your own.
Materials, designing, and assembling aspects will be covered.

Day -4: Farm Management

Day -4: Farm Management

It’s important to build a scientific and well-designed farm, but it is far more important to manage the farm as well.
learn about the pest, disease management.
Farm cleaning and maintenance.
Restarting the farm.
Water quality monitoring and correction techniques.

Day 5: Commercial Aspects

Day 5: Commercial Aspects

The day has arrived to talk business and learn the profitability aspect of ICPF MIcroponics.
Learn the commercial farming prospects, ROI, and other financial benefits and other commercial advantages.